Global Compact Network Mexico 2024: Business Meeting for Sustainability

Global Compact Network Mexico 2024: Business Meeting for Sustainability

Global Compact Network Mexico 2024: Business Meeting for Sustainability

During two exciting days, the Mexican business community gathered at the flagship event of Global Compact Mexico. More than 500 leaders from businesses, government, business chambers, and members of the United Nations system joined together with a spirit of collaboration and commitment.

The event inspired companies to align their strategies to meet the goals of the 2030 Agenda, prioritizing gender equality, water resilience, and climate change, highlighting the “Forward Faster” initiative as a key tool.

30+ experts in over 15 hours of effective conferences

500+ connected minds sharing ideas for sustainability

Driving ambitious action in 5 key sustainability areas

This learning and exchange forum brought together more than 30 experts and offered 10 hours of inspiring conferences. Hundreds of professionals from various industries joined to explore specific sustainability strategies, addressing crucial topics such as emissions reduction, water management, LGBTIQ+ inclusion, the legacy of FIFA 2026, and promoting decent work and living wages throughout the supply chain.

The in-person event gathered influential voices globally, specialists, United Nations agencies, and non-governmental organizations. The conferences featured names like Thomas Kolster, better known as Mr. Goodvertising; Claire Baumann, Head of Sustainable Finance at UN Global Compact; and Daniel Aronson, Founder & CEO of Valutus.

Throughout the day, participants immersed themselves in a wave of ideas, strategies, and inspiration. The panelists shared their experiences, empowering attendees to take on their roles as changemakers, especially halfway towards the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals, where only 15% of the established goals are on the desired trajectory.

“Excellent event, interesting and very educational presentations.”

“Great participation of women. Surprised by the scope of the topics.”

“High quality of the speakers, good pace in the presentations and panels.”

Attendees not only absorbed knowledge but also had the opportunity to connect directly with industry leaders. They shared experiences and best practices, forging valuable connections through renewed perspectives.

Additionally, in commemoration of LGBTIQ+ pride month, attendees were part of an informal, disruptive, and exciting space where companies highlighted the progress made, but also how much work remains to be done. Through a stand-up performance from Manu Nna, the activist invited attendees to reflect on the visibility and rights of the LGBTIQ+ community who face the consequences of hate crimes.

The two-day event provided professionals with the opportunity to connect directly with industry leaders, share experiences and best practices, and form alliances to drive real and lasting change. This was achieved in both a physical and virtual space, facilitating meetings between participants with common interests.

All companies, regardless of their size, can learn how to contribute to achieving the world we want. More and more, sustainability and the fundamental role of the private sector plays are being discussed. For the second consecutive year, the Global Compact Mexico called on companies to activate and unite in this great movement.

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